Jonathan B. (jonjohnson20) wrote in hopeimc,
Jonathan B.

sucky months

2.11.05- Pedro the Lion at the Metro in Chi-town
2.13.05- Brandston at the Shelter in Detroit
2.16.05- Sage Francis at the Metro in Chicago
2.18.05- Straylight Run, Bella Lea (lead singer from Denali. the one with the hot voice. golden/orgasmic) and Action Action at Blind Pig in Ann Arbor
2.19.05 & 2.20.05- Rise Aganist at the Metro in Chicago
2.25.05- Modest Mouse at the Congress Theater in Chicago
2.26.05- Wilco at the State Theater in Kalamazoo
3.3.05- Hot Hot Heat at The Bottom Lounge in Chicago
3.8.05- Anathallo performing at Calvin
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