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things worth mentioning

I'm cross posting this in the Hope College and IMC journals:

Tickets are still available for the Matt Wertz concert this coming Friday, the 28th, at the Knickerbocker Theatre. $10. Go to Student Development to purchase (while you're there, request your favorite artist for future concerts).

The following night, Christopher Williams will play, also at the Knick, this time starting at 7:30, and tickets are $7 for general admission and $3 for Hope students. There's more information here.

Also, there's lots coming up at Calvin, as usual, but I thought I'd highlight a couple:

Saxon Shore with special guest Anathallo Tuesday March 8, 8pm, Fine Arts Center, $10 general public.

Sufjan Stevens will peform there in April for the Festival of Faith and Music, more info here.

Encourage your advisors or other members of the Residential Life and Student Activities staff to attend the Festival; there are specific events planned for them concerning pop culture and campus planning. There's more information on the website, but I thought you'd get a kick out of this line: "Ken Heffner will be leading a session on “A Christian View of Culture: Why Students Should Listen to Death Cab for Cutie.”"
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